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Are you feeling empowered by your legal path?

Many women leave law and those who stay can often feel like pioneers.

Imagine if we could take the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of all of us and combine that with expert advice to empower each and everyone of us.

Imagine if the career you envisioned is the one you are experiencing.

We aim to achieve that.

Belong. Be Supported. Be Welcomed. Be transformed.

Are you ready to take charge of your legal journey?

Her Legal Tribe is a NEW WAY to empower women in law in their legal career.

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I'm Faye Gelb, a former Canadian litigator and I left law. After looking at my path and talking to numerous women, I've learned that you can have a career in law that you love. I've learned the secret no one is sharing and using this, you can, at any stage of your career, create energy, passion and impact.

The secret: continually designing your legal career empowers your career.

I want to join now!

When we start out in law we may not even realize there are questions that need to be asked about the challenges ahead.

But, as women become more senior and pursue additional titles and pay, the ranks of women in law begin to thin.

That's not the result we want.

We didn't invest in ourselves and our careers to be unhappy and leave the profession.

For the women who stay, they increasingly face challenges without the support of other women in the room.

How can we have and keep that happy fulfilling career?

We all know that we don't have wimpy challenges at any stage of our careers.

But unfortunately, we often face them alone.

Now we can tap into the wisdom of others. And our voice can be heard.

Join your Tribe. Experts, support and mentoring. All in one place.

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We are here to help you navigate the challenges.

Over the years I've heard many women express how they are: 

  • frustrated with the inability to have the same access to one another as men seem to do so easily 
  • fed up with the competitive nature of our workplaces and not having a nonjudgmental place to have informal conversations 
  • struggling with what it means to be a woman in law, including the multiple roles that occur when we have children or deal with aging parents or both 
  • fear not being taken seriously in their careers if we put family first
  • seeking an informal space to be themselves with other women who understand their stories, their journey, and their challenges
  • looking for conversations that acknowledge all sides of who they are and the roles they choose for themselves

Up until now it hasn't been easy for women in law to get daily support, skills, expert advice and friends all in one place.

But now you can!

The Big Purpose of Her Legal Tribe

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To build a community that taps our collective wisdom & support of each other.

To combine our wisdom and support with expert information and a planned path to empowerment.

To create our own definitions of success, impact, and purpose in our profession.

The result: a life and career we love.

Together we are formidable!

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Why You Should Join Her Legal Tribe

Member Benefits

  • Access to the Her Legal Tribe members instantly, no awkward emails or connection requests - invaluable!
  • A social place to hang out ask any questions on your mind at any time
  • Exclusive Access to Tribe TALKS, our podcast teaching skills we all need, no fluff and in a way that interconnects and builds your knowledge
  • We take on challenges and share wins to learn and grow at our own pace
  • Monthly Virtual Coffees, Groups for specialized interests
  • Meet up locally with members who live near you
I want to join now!

And much more....

Our members love us

Her Legal Tribe Founding Member Senior lawyer

"Here we can embrace different styles with a common goal to bring us optimal results. This is our space to explore and connect! I'm excited for the opportunities that Her Legal Tribe creates for all of us."

- Senior Lawyer, Julie Asselin, Ontario & Quebec

Her Legal Tribe Member

"Her Legal Tribe gives me the opportunity to meet and learn from experts and lawyers, and also share my knowledge and support others. It is a fantastic platform where I can find honest conversations about the legal world."

- Angelika Grodna-Pantera, called 2020, Ontario (Licensed Lawyer in Poland 2013)

Her Legal Tribe founding member

"Women in law need the help of each other to grow. Her Legal Tribe is the component that's been missing, a place for women in law to get that support as they grow their career."

- Young Associate, Gabriela Kratchanov, called 2019, Ontario

Weekly Experts Providing Exclusive Content to Her Legal Tribe

Transform your legal journey into a path of success and empowerment!

Weekly interviews with experts like these providing actionable skills to create growth, impact and purpose in your life and career.

Her Legal Tribe Expert Lawyer Coach Woman

Karmen Masson

Lawyer turned Courageous Executive Coach for Lawyers & Leaders

Her Legal Tribe Medicator Trainer Conflict Coach

Kirstin Lund

Mediator, Trainer, Conflict Coach at Collaboration School

Her Legal Tribe Expert Counsellor

Bena Stock

Succeed Counselling, Owner, Counsellor, Former Litigator

Her Legal Tribe Expert Inner Advocate Creator

Lora N. McInturf

Executive Coach, The Inner Advocate

Why is Her Legal Tribe a paid membership?

We value you.

Research and experts confirm, if its free, people don't show up, they don't commit and the information isn't valued. Ramit Sethi, an online entrepreneur, famously gave away his $2,000 course, "Zero to Launch", to friends who asked; not one finished the course!

Expertise is included.

You will save hundreds of dollars. Access the wisdom of other women in law and expertise and content that is usually only available through expensive courses and coaching, which many often end up paying for when they can least afford it.

We invest in you.

We are investing in you with this community. Your commitment will allow us to continue to create amazing content, host, grow and invest in our community. We can't do that with a free model.  

We prevent burnout.

We all know that law school is a start to our legal journey not the end. Her Legal Tribe gives you connections and knowledge that can change you, the course of your career, how you negotiate a pay raise, how you communicate with key people in your firm and much more. It's worth the savings in time, energy and effort not to mention the increase in self-confidence, self-worth and skills you will obtain. 


One place to access women in law across Canada, who care about the same journey you are on without spending hours searching for a way to connect and being rejected when you try to reach out. Ouch.  

One of a kind.

Her Legal Tribe has been created exclusively for you to have an online space that doesn't exist anywhere else. There is nothing like it. You can access women at all stages of their careers, all types of firms, all areas of law anywhere in Canada.

Information just for you.

Your investment will allow you to obtain the skills, knowledge and wisdom you need to enhance and positively change your career. This information isn't provided in law school, traditional social media or groups. No other platform creates and gathers this information for you into one place.

Support and growth.

If you invest in this community by participating and showing up regularly, you will experience growth and you will see change in your legal journey. It's an experience that can revolutionize how you see your journey, what you want it to be and how to obtain it. But it starts with an you.

Start a new legal journey. One with friends, experts, and support.

For Canadian Women in Law

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  • Be energized by your life in law
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  • Obtain the knowledge and support you need to deal with tough challenges
  • Your voice, your journey, your tribe